Elevate Family Law


Having access to professional advice reduces the stress and expense associated with your family law matter. Our family lawyers have significant expertise in guiding clients who are undergoing a divorce or separation. At Elevate Family Law we are committed to supporting our clients with sound advice regarding family law matters including parenting arrangements, property separation, binding financial agreements and much more.

Why Choose an Elevate Family Lawyer To Handle Your matter?

Just some of the reasons why Elevate Family Law is a great choice to help you navigate your matter :

Sound Advice and Clear Communication

Clear advice and a proactive approach in ensuring you remain updated with the progress of your matter.

Professional Representation

We ensure you are always well represented in the most integral and professional manner to secure the best outcome possible.

Strategic Approach

Tailored and pragmatic strategy for your matter to ensure you are up to date with the plan.

Our Family Law Services


Child Custody Lawyer

After separation, the welfare and best interests of the children is paramount. Our team can help you understand your parental rights under the law and provide practical advice on how to finalise your matter quickly. 


Divorce Lawyer

Our divorce lawyers will help you navigate and expedite the legal and separation process ; focusing on equitable outcomes and best ways to secure your entitlements.


De Facto Lawyer

Our team can assist in your unique De Facto and Same Sex Relationship circumstance in the areas of parenting, child support property, financial agreements and much more.


Consent Orders Lawyer

Consent orders in family law proceedings are formal agreements agreed on by both parties. We will file consent orders on your behalf with the Court to ensure your parenting or financial agreements become legally binding. 


Prenup Agreements Lawyer

We will guide you in finalizing prenuptial agreements to avoid potential lengthy and costly legal disputes.


Property Settlements Lawyer

Our team at Elevate Family Law  are here to help safeguard your interests and achieve the best outcome in negotiating an equitable property settlement.


Mediation Lawyer

At Elevate Family Law , we will facilitate mediation, arbitration and solicitor assisted collaborative law practices to provide support to the parties in order to achieve an amicable result.


Parenting Arrangement Lawyer

At Elevate Family Law , we will work with you to help formulate parenting arrangements based on your specific circumstances to achieve the best outcome for your matter.


Grandparents Rights Lawyer

 If you are concerned that your relationship with your grandchild has been impacted by separation, we will provide guidance regarding  your visitation and custodial rights as a grandparent.

how we've helped people just like you

Very professional, easy going and super understanding. Absolute gems to work with I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I highly recommend Elevate family law to anyone who needs a family matter dealt with in a professional and respectful way. 100/10, these guys are awesome!